"FOGM" is an acronoym that stands for "Friends of Grahame Maher"

While I was personally aware of the phemonenon of Dad having all kinds of people he had in the past worked with, follow him and again appear in other parts of the globe doing one thing or another. But it was not until recently, that I was aware, there was in fact a term for this occurence... After his death, when reading an email Mum received from Andrew Barton, whom had worked and partied with Dad for many years, was it when I came across what he had read at a service for Dad in Auckland held at Vodafone.

Being held very shortly after the Adeliade funeral service, this event shared many stories and memories of Dad (which I still have a wee sting about not being able to attend- but we can't all be everywhere <3). Andrew aka (as Dad would refer to him anyway) Bart, told a lovely story about being proud to be called a FOGM. 

Later that night at dinner in Doha with another sect of the extended Maher whanau, I mention this term "FOGM" and noted in conversation that I'd never heard of it. At this point, the mention of it sparked a rather animated and vocal conversation about the true and authentic members of the individual's first part of this FOGM group, the debate about whether the "FOGM thing" started in Australia or New Zealand, inevitably the conversation quickly found itself side tracked by mention of "that bledisloe match" (which I too have very clear and personal memories of)...

I think it was probably the first time I really experienced being a concept or remote person that I hear about, when someone (what I now recognise to be media) referred on radio the event and saying about me  - "Grahame Maher did this to his "loved employees" and to hurt all Kiwis, and he even has a Kiwi daughter, Jess. I mean could you believe one man could do that!" hahahahahaha

I would love to share other FOGM stories if you have some you would like to share, please email

EFF in Loving Memory Donation

posted 10 Jan 2011, 03:38 by Jess Maher

Dear J,

Thank you for giving a donation to honor someone you care for. Your membership contribution of $25.00 means a world of difference to EFF and enables EFF attorneys, technologists, and activists to continue to protect free speech, fair use, innovation and privacy in the online world. Is it time to renew your own membership?

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On behalf of our Board, staff and volunteers, thank you for your contribution and for helping to protect digital freedom. Our friends at Take Control ebooks, Magnatune, No Starch Press, and MAKE Magazine also appreciate your support and are offering benefits to EFF members! These benefits will be sent to your gift recipient if an email address was provided.

In about two weeks you will receive a letter that is both an official thank you and a tax receipt. At this time, the recipient you named will receive notification of this gift along with any associated membership gift premiums.

You have our sincere appreciation for your generous contribution.

Aaron Jue
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Khalifa Saleh Haroon

posted 6 Dec 2010, 16:16 by Jess Maher

Hey there Jess,

Hope you're doing well! I wanted to share a little story that I'll always remember.
Don't know if you know, but Grahame was the guy who pushed me work hard with ILQ.


When I first joined Vodafone, I was invited to a house party at Mathew's place. I didn't know many people and after a bit of mingling, I decided to go out and sit outside the stoop and get some fresh air.

Grahame came out and sat down next to me. After a bit of chatting about (my personal project), I turned to him and asked, "Why are you here in Qatar doing what you're doing?". 

"Why are 'you' doing what you're doing?", he asked back.

"Well I love my country and I want to make it a better place." I answered.

"Because YOU love your country, and I want to make it a better place.", he answered back.

It was a cold night, but I felt warm inside.

Take care Jess!

Kind regards,
Khalifa Saleh Haroon

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