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Deleting GM's profile??

posted 10 Jan 2011, 03:40 by Jess Maher
Between Geoff Engel and You
Jess Maher 09 January at 23:19
Hi Geoff, 

Kate mentioned that you may have been requesting for Facebook to remove Dads profile page, is that right?

I have been talking with them since he died as I was the one who requested it be memorized and as far as I am aware, that makes it the situation where they should have provided me notification or something that indicates this to me if this is who they have decided is the authority on this account now... I am interested in their handling of this as a case situation for such instances as well as obviously because it is Dads account so if there is anything you can fill me in on in terms of contact with them you may have had or attempted to make.... 

Just trying to get whole picture! Thanks
Geoff Engel 10 January at 00:12 Report
Hey Jess-

I was trying to figure out how they decided to move it into memorial state! Glad to get the complete picture now.

Jenny asked me to remove it completely, so that was the reason I've been pursuing the disconnection / deletion of the profile with Facebook. 

I'll let you know what the next steps are that are identified during our email exchanges, but given Jenny's strong feeling that the account should be deleted, I'm planning to continue pursuing that. 

The good news is that once I am able to log in to his account, we'll be able to download the entire profile and all content (posts, pictures, etc.), which will create a great memorial for you and Kate (and Jenny should she decide in the future decide she wants to revisit his Facebook experience).

Hope this helps, and do let me know if all that makes sense from your perspective.

Jess Maher 10 January at 01:09
Hi Geoff

Thanks for your message, I understand this is a difficult situation, but I was just wondering if you can you please wait until I have a chance to talk to Mum about this? I'm a little upset this has been requested without any notice to me, especially because I thought when I left Doha last that Mum and Kate were happy for me to deal with facebook and this process with dad's page. I understand things may have changed but personally feel this is definitely a family matter which we should all discuss before taking any action. Especially with me, considering I have already been in communication with facebook about the page and issues that have arisen. 

Also wondering, if possible, could you please forward me a copy of any communication you have had with facebook about this? Its just that considering we have a social media business and I want to know about their processes in these cases, Dad's page is a perfect case study. Also this is important to me because I talked to Dad about what he would want done with his account if he died, just the week before he died. I appreciate Mum has strong feelings about this but considering I had spoken to Dad about it, I feel that this is something I should speak to her about first. 

Also I'm pretty sure that as the account is memorialised the login details are deleted, and if this request goes through then all the data will be lost permanently and we will have no chance to recover it. So I was hoping for Dad's sake and the sake of my future children who will never get to meet their grandfather, that I can protect this for us all. 

Sorry to put you in the middle of this, I was hoping to speak to Mum today but as I'm yet to hear back from her I will email her as well. 

Thanks again

Geoff Engel 10 January at 01:15 Report
Hey Jess-

I definitely see your point of view, and as I'm seeing your mom tonight, let me have a chat to her about your maintaining the relationship with Facebook.

I certainly don't want to get in the middle of a family discussion, as it's none of my business. I'm just doing what Jenny had asked me to. 

Jess Maher 10 January at 02:09
Thanks Geoff

I completely understand and appreciate that and the last thing I want to do is put you in the middle of anything, as I'm sure you understand a lot of this is all just a bit difficult for us all right now.

I don't want to upset mum but this is important to me too, and its something I think Dad would have appreciated my addressing this issue, especially because its not something we can undo once the process is started. I have emailed Mum but I know that sometimes she can be a little defensive about these things and has a lot on her plate at the moment, so I wouldn't be surprised if she is a little worked up about it. I did try to be tactful and respect the fact that this is something she is clearly worried about but the distance between us is currently not that helpful with these kind of issues so I hope this not to become a problem.

If there is anything that you think I could do that might be of help if she is worked up or concerned about how to approach this with me, if you could please let me know I would be greatly appreciative also.

Thanks again