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Khalifa Saleh Haroon

posted 6 Dec 2010, 16:16 by Jess Maher
Hey there Jess,

Hope you're doing well! I wanted to share a little story that I'll always remember.
Don't know if you know, but Grahame was the guy who pushed me work hard with ILQ.


When I first joined Vodafone, I was invited to a house party at Mathew's place. I didn't know many people and after a bit of mingling, I decided to go out and sit outside the stoop and get some fresh air.

Grahame came out and sat down next to me. After a bit of chatting about (my personal project), I turned to him and asked, "Why are you here in Qatar doing what you're doing?". 

"Why are 'you' doing what you're doing?", he asked back.

"Well I love my country and I want to make it a better place." I answered.

"Because YOU love your country, and I want to make it a better place.", he answered back.

It was a cold night, but I felt warm inside.

Take care Jess!

Kind regards,
Khalifa Saleh Haroon