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Dad really got excited about the potential for social media... 3 months today, I really experienced ongoing reminders and examples.. <3

posted 2 Feb 2011, 02:55 by Jess Maher   [ updated 15 Feb 2011, 19:18 ]

Three months today was my last conversation, phone call and opportunity to talk to Dad. While life continues to speed on around me, I try to not let the loss and saddness of his absence over run my thoughts on a daily basis, as we all know this is how he would have wanted it too... but on the 2nd of each month, I take some time to feel sad for abit, just to endule that little kid in me and that part of me that wants nothing more than just for him to call and say it was all a bad dream,,, But thanks for making today awesome in parts too universe cause it would have been hard to keep it together otherwise.... 

Excited about getting involved and active in the community, training for Stats NZ role soon and the upcoming Market stall I will have on the 11th of next month! :) And on another note... been just showing someone else some of the wicked stuff from JGeek & the Geeks.... Really really love how these guys are rocking the tools and potential social media really can have!   Reading the feedback and quotes online thought, it really brought to home for me a quote I had on one of the boats I launched in memory of Dad today....  


   "As a dreamer, you will be laughed at. Thank them!"  - Unknown 

In life you can really only use what you've got and when you do, well thats when you have an impact, the "stuff of legends"! 
Reminds me of when I was younger of many times where I would ask Dad, "are you allowed to do that?" ... like the classic Elephant down Queen St <3 He would say something like, "well not technically... but I reckon we'll just have to wait and see. As long as its not hurting anyone and its just a bit of fun, why not a?" 


                 -  Grahame Maher            (http://url.assistnz.com/gmgreatwork)

Why do so many of us fear the judgement or conditions of "society" when it is indeed made up of you, me: really its just all of us; we are society... In which case, why would anyone want to keep following "the sheep" while complaining about the direction...??

I love Jermaine's line in this interview; when they ask if sony music came up to you and wanted to sign you? "I'd say- peace bro, I'm ahead of your game!" - what an awesome and incredibly accurate response! ;)

Sad that while our society & culture is both commercially & legally at least, widely recognized & valued as a "representative sample" of western markets. Big global corporations regularly using us as a test market- yet repeatedly we seem to need to succeed offshore- often still getting shot down at home...

I think more of us should consider where we want to go rather than critising or judging those who are brave enough to have one. We say we are entrepreneurial, but the defining condition of what makes one an entreprenuer, rather than just a micro or small business- is innovation. What is innovation but finding ways to go away and/or meld those conditions or standards we accept as the norm, breaking the mold so to speak, just doing it a different way... Isn't that we are about though? How can this persistence of "tall poppy" or the general kind of negativity towards anyone who may find success or stand out from the crowd not be clearly incongruent with our apparently "innovative", creative and "alternative" presence and economic success weighting on this to drive & lead Kiwis in many markets, its strange that people still seem to wonder why everyone of any talent or ability generally ends up leaving at some point... 

Social Media at the core is about transparency and uniqueness, - to put that kind of responsibility in the hands of anyone else in my opinion is just a huge risk. Kind like signing away your rights to control your own reputation in a way... The fact that overlooked by many of those who apparently are in the know with this kind of thing is honestly for me personally, really disconcerting.. 

"Think for yourself, no one else is qualified" - Frank Vizzare

While such "traditional" personalities or businesses are in a context of high levels of cautious, acceptable & expensive processes and norms, the long winded recruitment process & HR practices in such bureaucratic organisations, hierarchy and high amounts of contractual complexity actually make social media so much harder for big multinationals in the online world... In a decentralized context, it would seem to outsource this kind of approach would in a way kind of burden any flexible, "down to earth" kind of business or individual with the same handicap as such.