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Grahame Maher - Katagogi Profile

posted 10 Apr 2011, 21:00 by Jess Maher


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Grahame Maher

As of August, 2010, CEO of Vodafone Qatar

Before Grahame Maher came to The Middle East to set up the first Vodafone operation in the Middle East he was the CEO of Vodafone’s Czech.

In Czech Grahame led the team that handled the acquisition and integration of an innovative mobile business called Oskar that is now Vodafone Czech. This organisation is seen as one of the most innovative in the Group and is one of the top performing business in the Vodafone world.

Prior to this he was CEO of Vodafone Sweden. Within 12 months he led the team that stabilised the organisation and secured the future of Vodafone in Scandinavia via a sale and partnership model with Telenor Nordic.

Prior to Europe Grahame led the team that took Vodafone Australia through a major turn around program to achieve profitability for the first time in 6 years while growing market share in a tough market. Prior to this he was leading Vodafone New Zealand, where it took three years to increase the operator’s market share from 16% to 53%.

Grahame’s relationship with Vodafone started over 15 years ago. At that time Grahame began working with the mobile operator as a MVNO in South Australia.

And what does such a globetrotter do when he is not working? He enjoys shopping with his wife Jenny, getting to know new places, and of course spending time with his daughters Jessica (24) and Kate (21). He enjoys running, and believes that people are the key reason for the success of any organisation and that business should be Fun!

He and Jenny also support non-profit charity organisations.

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