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Well, words can't really explain....

posted 25 Nov 2010, 08:08 by Jess Maher

At my Dad's funeral (that's still f*ckn weird to say) in Adelaide on the 8th of November, 2010 I spoke a short eulogy, which captured more of him than of me in some surreal sense... This coming Tuesday will be one month since his death and to be vulnerably and in truthful honesty, time as such, hasn't really moved the same way since... It appears almost as a paradox or maybe matrix of sorts.. Like as if you're orienting the forest, using the same map, but your compass doesn't seem to hold its fixed bearings the same somehow... 

I don't think I am able to capture it better than the words on that day which I share with you below.. 

"I can't really imagine my Dad ever retiring..

And he would have hated to be limited or disabled or even slowed down by his body.

And as hard as this is going to be for all of us, this is the way he would have wanted it. 

Therefore I would like to urge you to remember that today is a celebration... 

of his life, of his impact- and the fact that Grahame; my Dad; got to go out with a bang."

    (Jess Maher, "Dads Eulogy" 8.11.2010)  

Since then, an ongoing Tribute Group to him on Facebook has been a source of stories and memories, photos, messages and condolences which are greatly appreciated by not only the extended Maher family but many other members of the families and friends Grahame inspired, impacted, loved and miss him.