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posted 18 Dec 2010, 12:47 by Jess Maher

Jd Bee
    Dear Grahame, Great Grahame,

    may you rest in peace and may this message find you, as life goes on, just in another place.

    Grahame, you were a good friend, we had much in common from bakeries to mobile business to distance running, and philosophy in life. You will also be missed from my company board of advisors, but mor...e as a person I highly respected and loved to be with.

    I'm sad that we wont be able to run side by side in another marathon for that 3'33" time, nor chat about life & biz over beers. You are a great guy Grahame.

    • Jd Bee
      Little did I know that the last time I was to see you was when I drove you to the airport :(
      You lived 100 years in your 51 mate ! May you rest in peace until our paths cross once again, even though not on earth. Sending you much love from m...y inner soul.See more
      28 November 2010 at 06:03 · LikeUnlike

Grahame's Facebook Profile Page - Tibor Kis

posted 15 Dec 2010, 04:53 by Jess Maher   [ updated 31 Jan 2011, 10:35 ]

Tibor Kis

Tibor Kis 

Grahame I know you will find a way of reading this so here goes.

Rare people make change in this world, you are Exceptional rare, you changed people who in turn made a difference in this world. 
You changed me, i am proud to be who i am today from who i met yesterday you. You taught me values, laughter and best of all fun. 
I will pass those gifts on to my family, peers and friends and i to will have made a difference. 
So to all Graham made a difference to, pass it on and the world will be different a much better place.

The legacy lives on and on and on.

P.S. save me a little glass of red 

Cheers Mr. T

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